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Added Extras with Your Cheap Hosting Package

If you have an account that allows you to have other domain names within the same account, you will be able to manage them all through the cheap hosting package, making it great for allowing you to keep an eye on all your web sites.  This is of particular benefit for people involved in web design or for people who have a number of web sites.

Speed of set-up is normally very quick, you should find all your account login details arriving in your in-box after less than 5 minutes, and your FTP functions will then be accessible immediately.

Knowing how many visitors you have had is always useful for marketing, and the hosting provider should have a system in place to allow you to monitor numbers of visitors to your site.

Because of the competition for web hosting, a company should offer you a no quibble, money back guarantee, letting you try the service out without worrying about being tied to the service.