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vBulletin Windows Hosting

vBulletin is a powerful software program used to create and manage forums. It is built using PHP scripting language and incorporates MySQL database software as the basis of its architecture. vBulletin Windows hosting is simple with the program’s seamless navigation and user-friendly visual interface.

vBulletin features a diverse content management system (CMS), which allows your users to create their own discussion threads, comments and cross-posts between blogs and articles. This enables multiple users to share content between them, along with the ability to archive and store data. vBulletin also supports the implementation of widgets, allowing users to create their own widgets or import widgets from third party sources. These can be customized and organized through the content management system, along with the ability to incorporate RSS feeds, friends lists and BB Code Widgets, to name a few.

Asset Manager is another feature of vBulletin, which offers easy access to personal documents and photos from any location. Searching for posts and comments is also simple, with a fast searching system that quickly finds relevant keywords and topics.

HostPapa Support Team and a HostPapa Coupon

HostPapa, the web hosting company, would not be able to function properly without a good support team. From numerous reviews across the Internet, it is one of the best teams around. They are available online and on the phone 24/7, like many other support teams both for other web hosting companies, and for completely unrelated companies. However, what sets this team apart is its willingness to bend over backwards to cater to your needs. They provide help in multiple languages, and can explain, in minute detail, every single aspect of their hosting service.

The HostPapa support team has also won numerous awards for their excellent work, elevating the status of the company as a whole. The support members are incredibly courteous. They will try to deal as quickly as possible with any problem you throw their way. In fact, you may be able to convince them to supply you with a Hostpapa coupon. Then again, the pricing for their service is so inexpensive that you might not even need one.