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About eCommerce Hosting

What is ecommerce hosting and what is the need for such services? eCommerce is the electronic way of doing commercial business. Since everyone uses a broadband connection these days, the internet has changed how everyday tasks are done, insofar even to buying products.  Using the internet to make purchases is the way of the future, as it is easy, affordable, and convenient. Businesses that sell their products online maintain their websites with eCommerce hosting. Businesses who work online need a special kind of hosting that meets their specialized needs.  Unlike the typical method of webhosting, eCommerce hosting keeps a permanent record of all transactions. It provides secure access, so a business’s confidentiality, privacy and data are all secure. Internet trading is a huge market, and there has been exponential growth for businesses invested in it. Many companies will lose money and their overall worth if they do not use this type of hosting. Any business that wants to make money these days needs to expand beyond their current methods and look into eCommerce hosting to sell their products.

A General DreamHost Review

This DreamHost Review will basically be an overall summary of the company and the site. DreamHost was originally designed for newer developers who needed a cheap web hosting service. To this day, it continues with this concept at its core. However, the pricing has gotten a bit high compared to competitors with equivalent features, if not the same exact ones. It appears as though the multiple server issues DreamHost has been facing have prevented the company from progressing at the rate of its competition. Much of the system is dated, including its technical support system, which is still based on a ticket system, despite the fact that it could, like Customer Support, be done via online chat.

Despite its problems, though, DreamHost seems to successfully do what it originally intended to do. Thus, it can be safely deemed as a successful business enterprise. However, it is not, by any means, the leader in its market. The price to feature ratio is off.

Joomla Hosting With cPanel

When choosing a web-hosting company for your site, it is important to consider exactly how your site is going to be monitored and maintained during its life span. Many companies offer an array of programs that help provide traffic management, domain and subdomain management, along with support and security, depending on what services you require.

cPanel is a control panel client, which allows for numerous functions and actions to be undertaken, all through the navigation of a graphic user interface. It allows the user to upload and manage their site efficiently, simplifying tasks such as installing add-ons (new skins, firewalls and other security features), garnering traffic management data, storing and back up data and the creation of e-mail accounts.

Joomla hosting, integrated with cPanel, offers fast and efficient site maintenance. The program also benefits from allowing different levels of access depending on whoever is using the program; this is useful for small businesses that may have multiple staff handling the maintenance of the site at any give time.