A General DreamHost Review

This DreamHost Review will basically be an overall summary of the company and the site. DreamHost was originally designed for newer developers who needed a cheap web hosting service. To this day, it continues with this concept at its core. However, the pricing has gotten a bit high compared to competitors with equivalent features, if not the same exact ones. It appears as though the multiple server issues DreamHost has been facing have prevented the company from progressing at the rate of its competition. Much of the system is dated, including its technical support system, which is still based on a ticket system, despite the fact that it could, like Customer Support, be done via online chat.

Despite its problems, though, DreamHost seems to successfully do what it originally intended to do. Thus, it can be safely deemed as a successful business enterprise. However, it is not, by any means, the leader in its market. The price to feature ratio is off.

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