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Joomla Hosting With cPanel

When choosing a web-hosting company for your site, it is important to consider exactly how your site is going to be monitored and maintained during its life span. Many companies offer an array of programs that help provide traffic management, domain and subdomain management, along with support and security, depending on what services you require.

cPanel is a control panel client, which allows for numerous functions and actions to be undertaken, all through the navigation of a graphic user interface. It allows the user to upload and manage their site efficiently, simplifying tasks such as installing add-ons (new skins, firewalls and other security features), garnering traffic management data, storing and back up data and the creation of e-mail accounts.

Joomla hosting, integrated with cPanel, offers fast and efficient site maintenance. The program also benefits from allowing different levels of access depending on whoever is using the program; this is useful for small businesses that may have multiple staff handling the maintenance of the site at any give time.